ClearNav Changes

Kellerman at 2008 18m Nationals

There have been recent changes at the company that produces the ClearNav flight computer and variometer. The ClearNav was developed by the Nielsen-Kellerman Company, which was owned in part by soaring pilot Richard Kellerman.

Kellerman has now sold his interest in the company.  According to NK, "the ClearNav brand has been acquired by founder Richard Kellerman and his partner Tim Welles."  Their new company is ClearNav Instruments.  The website for the ClearNav has moved to
At the new company, Kellerman will be involved in various tasks including mechanical and user-interface design.  He says that he will have a limited role in management as "Gary Kammerer needs little in the way of management, and the rest of the team is largely unmanageable."
In addition to owners Kellerman and Welles, the ClearNav technical team includes Gary Kammerer, Chip Garner, John Good, Phil Schlosser, and Dave Ellis.  Their bios are here.  This is largely the same team that developed the Cambridge 302 vario.
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