Bahia Gliding; let’s see what Brasil has to offer!

With a speed of 149.45 km./h Egon Rehn flew on 10-10-13 over a distance of 428 km. with his ASW 22 BLE.
Not bad! This happened recently during the Brazil Nationals at Luis Eduardo Magalhaes [LEM] on one of the 7 flying days . It shows the potential of flying in Brazil.
Yesterday I got some more news about flying in Brazil and I share it with pleasure.
Guilherme "Gugui" Purnhagen and Marcel Cavilha,[ ground organisation] filled me in about this hopefully new future heaven on earth.

The Nimbus 3T at sunset.

The Nimbus 3T at sunset.

----"Our plans for the field; make it a place unforgettable for pilots, before, during and after the flight.

We are planning to be a sustainable field, with wind mills for pumping water for grass, trees and a little farm, solar panels to charge the gliders batteries and in the future a electrical winch.
The contact with nature is fantastic, from very strong thermals to clear water rivers.
For people who want to fly in Bahia Gliding:
In the beginning our guests will be chosen for us. Only friends and recommended pilots will be accepted.
The flying season is from April to October. There is no rain in this period. The best part of year is from August to October, because is extremely dry and the cloud base goes up to 4000 AGL.-----"

Brazil seems great as well before and after a flying holiday as somebody send me the next news:
"Brazil is recognized for its sizzling, incredibly hot sandy
shorelines, its lively nightlife, its crystal waters excellent for surfers and sunbathers alike, and its particular prosperous cultural traditions viewed rolling around in its jazz tunes, samba dance, and scrumptious African-motivated cuisine.  "
There you go!

On a high UV day...better be careful then!

On a high UV day...better be careful then!

One of the pilots flying there during the last Nationals was Pepe Gresa Valero. Pepe is a long-time friend from the Tocumwal period and knows a lot about gliding and the several airfields in the world. That's why I asked him to  share with us what he thinks about flying at LEM.

----" LEM is probably the best place I have ever flown for the continuity of weather. The conditions over the 2 weeks I was there were just incredible, with cloud streets every day from aprox. 11.00 until 17.00. Most days flying earlier was possible, very strong thermals and good cloud bases of up to 4.000m asl the first week and 3.000m asl the second week. We only had one mediocre day but even that day 2 out of the 3 classes flew.
It is a paradise for gliding due to the weather conditions and the immensity of the flat fields where landing is no problem, many of the farms also have runways which make it even better, all in all a perfect place for both pleasure flying and competitions. The only negative factor is the length of the day, which is rather short, but when it is, consider the high speeds,  possible it is still a very interesting place to fly.
One of the main attractions to fly there is the helpful people from Brazil, which make you feel welcome all the time and are willing to help at all times. I have now visited Brazil for a few times, this being the second time to LEM and I can not
prize enough the Brazilian pilots, they are extremely helpful and have a very high level of flying. You only need to see the high speeds achieved during the championships with various days reaching over 150kph."----

So far Pepe and a BIG thank you to him. It's great to see that places as Livno in Bosnie Herzegovina and Luis Euardo Magalhaes in Brazil are upcoming favourites in the eyes of a lot of glider pilots. Even SO, that friends ask me to check it and find out more about it .
it needs your skills at getting people interested in new gliding sites".
Some pressure on my shoulders here, but I like to explore more than what we already know and seeing and hearing the enthusiasm of some of my friends and the co-operation of the owners,  it is an easy job.

Their field and website are under "construction" but when ready you can find all news about gliders on line, et
Their FB site;

About Brazilian Nationals:

Bahia Art and Branco
Branco and Art leaving Chaves to visit LEM .
Pictures from the Bahia Gliding FB site.

More news from last week in my blog with all news about the 52 Multi Class Nationals in Kingaroy in Australia , 5 flying-days till now and the first flights along the Nordsea using the lift of the dunes. Enjoy your new week.

Cheers Ritz

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  1. Andre Lautert
    October 21, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    This was my 1st time in Bahia and I just can say that itwas AWESOME

    Come to Brazil, fly with Bahia Gliding, no regrets ever!

  2. Branko Stojkovic
    October 23, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Nice article Ritz. Only one correction regarding the photo at the bottom. It shows Art Grant in the front passenger seat and myself in the back seat, leaving the site of the 2013 WGC in Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, Argentina in January 2013 in Marin Bolkovic’s blue Chevy. I was flying there in the Club Class for Serbia and Art was part of the IGC delegation doing the scrutineering. Both Art and Marin are fly in Winnipeg Gliding Club in Canada and, unfortunately, have never been to Bahia. I, on the other hand have, twice. I took some nice video footage of my latest visit – check out

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