HD Video: Wave in Jeseniky Mountains in Autumn 2011

This video was submitted to Soaring Cafe by Martin Piskacek, here is his message to us:

Hi, we have made some video of flying in wave in Czech-Poland border. We gave it on Youtube last Saturday and it seems to be popular, so if you want to give it to your website, so some pilots from US could also watch it, we would be glad.

Short movie of flying wave in Jeseniky mountains in autumn 2011.
Enjoy the music, enjoy the wave, enjoy the low passes.

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  1. Stefan Zlot
    December 11, 2011 at 4:04 am

    I do not like this kind of videos! As I am not a pro in photography, I will not comment on its quality. However I am most concerned by the number of these kind of pictures pouring on us every day – why? Our soaring magazines are full of articles about how we could enhance not only our performance, but especially the safety of our sport. It will always remain a rather dangerous one, this for the many factors we all know! With the advertising of a new, compact and very versatile video camera – you’ll know what I am talking about – on every second web-page we open, the thought of producing ones own movie about gliding will come up quite soon, may-be all the more in younger pilots, recently licensed, because the youngest generation seems to got the habit of documenting everything possible on their iPhone and then to publish it, whatever the quality and interest might be. The onboard camera, rightly placed in the cockpit will become a precious support in our club’s training domain for feed-back. However the rodeo-like encouragements we get from all that you-tube stuff is worrying me, because it has nothing to do with safe flying. Glider pilots are not stuntmen – let’s keep with ones own job!
    Dr. Stefan Zlot, Switzerland

    • Michael
      May 25, 2012 at 1:01 pm

      Then Doc I’d suggest that you listen to your own advice. Since you are a Doctor then ‘lets keep with ones own job’ and provide service to your patients, and not give advice when it wasn’t asked for. In a more pointed manor, “Mind your own F***ing Business’ If I want to fly and record it for whatever reason I want, its none of your concern. Sod-off.

  2. Martin Piskacek
    December 12, 2011 at 11:03 am

    Dear Dr. Zlot,

    I feel sorry for your answer.

    When we was capturing this video, especially the final part, we had a very long briefing of safety during these 2 flights. There was given position of every glider in the air, turns we were going to do and position in every second of flight and landing. Last but not least was communication on radio, which was given for understanding what is happening right at the moment.

    Of course we was going to do that with some risk. But it is same risk, as I make when choosing field to land, less risk as I make when going through a rotor cloud in a tow and much less risk, than some pilots do when going slow on final with strong wind.

    As you are a glider pilot I think you can understand, that better speed gives better maneuverability, which allows us to make nice shots with less risk and than land safely at the airport.

    I didn’t wanted to react to your post because of shame or something ugly what you gives on us, same as I didn’t wanted to change your mind. I just reacted because sometimes things are given to be seen as we want to see them, not as it really is. And that was 10 hours of cutting this video, to its current form, what you can see.

    How my headcoach says: Think positive, flaps negative. ;-)
    Martin Piskacek


    • Michael
      May 25, 2012 at 1:02 pm

      you were more polite than I. I hope he got the message.

  3. Stefan Zlot
    December 12, 2011 at 11:22 am

    Hi Martin
    Thanks for your reply! My intention was in no way to disqualify the job you did – an I admit, I liked to watch the video! My remark was intended to draw the attention to the additional risk taken, when “going for a movie”, which of course, done in a professional way or at least by very experienced pilots conscious of the risk implied with this kind of project, is a different issue than compared to pilots with less experience. I see kids doing a lot of things with the camera in hand or mounted in some way, considering first the look they might get, once posted on the net and personal safety comes second. So, if makeing aviation movies, we have to stick to the old quote: Safety first, and then it’s fine!
    Best regards

  4. Charlie
    December 14, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Stefan, whilst I don’t advocate dangerous flying I think your comments are a little misguided, gliding is meant to be FUN! The guys in this video look like they are having fun and I think you underestimate how much of a contribution videos like this make towards getting young people into our sport.

    If they want to, young people will behave like hooligans whether they watch this sort of stuff or not, it’s the structured training programs that we enjoy in our club environment that enables us to do this safely.

    Long may gliding continue to be fun! I bet even you, in your younger days, used to enjoy a good old “beat up”!


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