You Need Supportive Friends for Goal Flights!

And no worries—they are available!

And no worries—they are available!

A great goal flight was made last Wednesday by Tony Condon in the Std. Cirrus, departing from Wellington, OK in the USA: 517 km, and arriving at De Queen, Arkansas and with that he topped the OLC list! As he said,"Spring Go South! ( )

Quite a flight today. A cold front blew through here yesterday afternoon with 50+mph gusts. Things had calmed down considerably by morning and left a nice NW tailwind and lots of unstable air in its wake.


" About 15 minutes before takeoff. Can see faint cu wisps forming. We had wisps overhead by the time I released." 


about noon as the first wisps appeared over the airport. Flight went pretty much according to schedule and plan and forecast, just a few thermals short of the goal of Texarkana.

IMG_20140312_161543_359  IMG_20140312_162807_594

 Sardis Lake in Oklahoma AND flying along the Kiamichi Ridge in Oklahoma

Flew pretty timidly most of the day, determined to stay high, which I did a pretty good job of except at the very end." 

 Z tony Condon

Greetings from De Queen Arkansas. 
" The ramp at the airport in De Queen, Arkansas where I landed." 

By the way we don't call the Cirrus "Kilo". Instead, my wife Leah named her "Kate"" 
All pictures courtesy Tony.

So I contacted Tony for some more news about this flight...
"It was a fun flight. Hard to get everything to work out on these post cold front flights so that you can actually make an attempt. Timing was just right for this one. Fun to be able to use the ridges as part of it too. "
And more in the Wednesday blog on

The drive back, glider in trailer in tow, was 875 miles! He had good club-mates to help him out!

When Steven (Leonard]) said he would be in next time, Tony's answer was straight away, "We'll be watching the weather for sure. I'd be happy to tow and chase you. Or maybe we could fly together"

Soaring is NEVER boring!!

 Z tony trphy

Tony with his wife Leah at the SSA Convention.
"A pilot is only as good as his crew."

After the Varese IGC Plenary Jarda Vach shared with us some pictures from the "Aero Club Moravska Trebova, who won the bid competition for the 19th European Gliding Championships 2017 in Club, Standard, and 20m 2-seaters classes."

Z Czech EGC1  Czech ECG 2 Czech EGC 3 Zchech EGC 4

As shared by Varda
Airfield Moravska Trebova TWR

The "big ones" go to Lasham in the UK for their EGC. Hope they will have the perfect weather, no umbrellas needed!!

And...the 9th WWGC 2017 will be in Zbraslavice and the 10th JWGC will be in 2017 in Lithuania.
First, however, they go to Narromine in Australia in 2015.

The Formula 1 season started today in Melbourne and the Speed Skating Cup finished with a few Dutch skaters winning a cup in several disciplines! With one weekend to go, the worlds for all round skating and then a splendid season is over.

But soaring has started here and is still strong down under. What about a flight from 782 km in the Quintus M from MC Caffery Field in the East. Not bad!

More news next Sunday, and Wednesday I will have some more news on the flight from Tony.

CU then

Cheers ... Ritz

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