Fly with the Champions — A Wonderful New Gliding Opportunity

Wolfgang Janowitsch and Ludwig Starkl have founded a new company “Rent-a-Glider”. Within this renting company, they are organizing a big training event in Kiripotib next November and we have 8 former World or European Champions as our Coaches.  Details are below.

Flying with the ChampionsFlying with the Champions

Behind this headline hides a very special training event.

Organized by Ludwig Starkl and Wolfgang Janowitsch, within the scope of their recently established business Rent-a-Glider, eight former World- and European Champions spontaneously agreed to share their experience as coaches.

In particular there are:

  • Janusz Centka, Poland World Champion 1991, 1993, 2006 European Champion 1996, 2007, 2009
  • Andy Davis, Great Britain World Champion 1993, 2003
  • Stefano Ghiorzo, Italy World Champion 2010 European Champion 1994
  • Pete Harvey, Great Britain European Champion 2005, 2007, 2009
  • Wolfgang Janowitsch, Austria World Champion 2003 European Champion 2004, 2005
  • Holger Karow, Germany World Champion 1999, 2003
  • Reinhard Schramme, Germany European Champion 1994
  • Uli Schwenk, Germany European Champion 1998

To have a team of world class pilots like this as trainers in one event, is unique in the world of soaring so far. In double-seaters they will pass on their experience and knowledge from many years of gliding. Besides specification of a clear target every day in a common briefing and analyses of flights after landing, the schedule of the course includes at least two speed- or assigned area tasks, like flown in competitions.

The location of the event should ensure maximum reliability weather-wise: Kiripotib, Namibia. Even in the early part of the season, beginning of November, flyable weather can be expected almost every day.  And if someone wishes to implement the lessons learned right after the course, he/she can probably do it in daily improving conditions.

Target group are experienced cross country pilots or even competition pilots, aiming for exchange of knowledge and improvement of their skills on a very high level.

Logistics is in the hands of a well known and practiced team: Bernd Dolba and Christian Hynek are Namibia-experts. They are responsible for flight operations, accommodation, shipping of containers, weather-briefing, scoring and so on. The gliders, several Arcus and ASH25, are organized by Rent-a-Glider. Ludwig Starkl is responsible for coordination.

The package includes virtually everything, except the trip to Windhoek. But even for booking the necessary airline-tickets the team will offer assistance.

Sounds interesting? Get more detailed information on the organizer’s homepage:

All the Information about “Flying with the Champions” and our new glider charter company will be available on our homepage, which will go online on 1st of March.  Much of the information is also provided below.

Did you ever ask yourself: what is the difference between my flying and the flying of a World- or European Champion?

Do you want to know?

Maybe we have the answer for you!

Who? The Champions are: Janusz Centka, Andy Davis, Stefano Ghiorzo, Pete Harvey, Wolfgang Janowitsch, Holger Karow, Reinhard Schramme and Uli Schwenk, all of them former World- or European Champions.
Where? Kiripotib, Namibia, about 150km southeast of Windhoek.
When? We offer 7-day courses on the following dates:1st – 7th November 2013 and
8th – 14th November 2013.
How?  In double-seaters a direct transfer of knowledge is possible. With his feedback the coach supports the development of the trainee’s physical and mental skills. The structured training ensures defined goals. We offer the tools for further individual development after the seminar.Planned are 6 flying days, one reserve day.

Language used: English, individually also German.

The idea:

Nowadays most glider pilots are not prepared for the long path to gain all the necessary experience to become a champion on their own.

photo1Modern double-seaters with easy handling can help us to find a shortcut.

With its stable weather pattern Namibia offers the ideal conditions for training all thermal soaring-skills.

Our qualified personnel is ready to help you. 8 champions will be coaching you, in the morning with preparing tasks and goals for the day, in the cockpit with immediate feedback, and after flight with a detailed debriefing.


The persons:

Organisation: Ludwig Starkl, Christian Hynek, Bernd Dolba
Coaches: Janusz Centka, Andy Davis, Stefano Ghiorzo, Pete Harvey,Wolfgang Janowitsch, Holger Karow, Reinhard Schramme, Uli Schwenk

Our offer:

Gliders available are several Arcus and ASH25. They are in perfect condition, equipped with the best instruments. Waypoints and airspace are up to date in the gliding-computers.

photo2First thing in the morning is a common weather briefing. Thereafter a personal goal is defined together with the coach.

On some days a competition task will be set and flown together. In the evening the day will be analyzed and discussed within the group.

Experience shows extraordinary progress with these methods. “Bad habits” created in years of lonely single-seater-flying, can be detected and corrected easily. This doesn’t only concern manual flying (scanning, control-inputs…), but also the mental state (decision making, negative beliefs, risk management…).


photo3To get the chance to learn from more than one expert, the pairings are changed in the middle of the course.

Apart from the immediate progress, you will get an idea about your strong and weaker points. Therefore you will have a tool for further individual training.


photo4On request you can also participate with a single-seater. In this case you take advantage of the common activities (weather briefing, structuring your training schedule, flying in the group, with or without competition).

If you wish to implement the lessons learned right after the seminar, you should book the required glider early!


photo5We are happy to support you in any way in preparing this trip. If you wish, we organize airline tickets, car-rental or possible other activities for you or your company, to make it an unforgettable event

How much is it?

Entry fee: € 5.500,-

This includes all the costs for:

Glider, individual coaching by one of the Champions, navigation- and seminar documents, membership fee, all support needed for flight operations (briefing, ground handling, landing fee…), WLAN, transfer from and to Windhoek Airport, 8 days accommodation, full board including afternoon tea/coffee and cake, VAT and tourist tax.

photo6This calculation is based on the price for a „Guest House Double“. If a room of another category is booked, the difference will be credited or charged as appropriate.

Not included are costs for fuel & oxygen, drinks & personal expenses.

This event is organized by

Rent-a-Glider GesmbH
Paul Heyse-Gasse 1-7
1110 Wien

Mobil: +43 664 2000500



We are looking forward to your enquiry!


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