Patagonia! Chaves, more and more containers arrive!

A small break between birthday guests ,tea and cake to write a few words, as life continues, so does great soaring, certainly and still.... from Namibia, where guests still enjoy great soaring conditions!
As one of my friends once said;"There is no better place for soaring as Namibia". Being involved in Tocumwal I not really believed that but I guess .....he is correct!

Bruce [Cooper]  informs his mates via FB about the long waiting , the not so good weather and the few hight lights in Argentina's mountain-areas. It took a long time before he could write positive news[unfortunately]
----" At last we have had some good gliding weather in Argentina. On the 13th Jean-Marie flew a world speed 1,000 km out and return flight netting 7 records on one flight with Phillipe.  I had the pleasure of flying again with Philippe and we covered 1,525km round 3 turn points and 1,250km out and return for an American record."---

So that IS good news. This flight from Phillipe Athuil last Friday was a distance of 1.958 km with a speed of 165 km./h.from Nahuel Huapi,  with as Phillipe called it himself "master Bruce " in the Nimbus 4DM with him.


Bruce last year as seen by Jane.

Talking about Argentina! Most of the European containers have arrived in Argentina to be transported further to Chaves for part 2 of the 32d WGC, this time for the small ships. A few of my Dutch friends are already on their way as well.
Their container has arrived already arrived AT Chaves together with the Lithuanian one and,... as the very first.

Chaves UK trailers in container  Chaves UK container arrived

The FULL container with one trailer from our UK friends before departing to and after arrival in Argentina.

Chaves Dutch container from Corowa  Chaves dutch container

The Dutch container has arrived at Chaves! The kangaroos on the container show that this container is generously offered to the Dutch team by Australian Soaring Corowa, owner of the container.

SO,'s all going to happen again! A class 1 FAI competition with top pilots trying to be the best in 3 classes. I am really looking forward to it and feel sorry that I am not part of it AT location, but this time I had something more important on.Of course I try to inform you my way with the news from friends AT location. But from Australia!
No worries!

For all the other news from last week you are free to read at
CU next Sunday,

cheer Ritz

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