The Home Stretch! The Real Deal Day 13

We have made it to the last day here in the U.S. Team room!  And after yesterday's performance, what a success to begin on!  First and foremost, a big congratulations to Dick Butler (DB) and Ron Tabery (SS) who took open class yesterday with first and second place.  It was a very close one amongst the top five day winners of open; there were only two points separating DB and SS.  As they took the day together,  it looks like team flying for the U.S. Team is really beginning to pay off!
Of course in the Team room this morning everyone was in a celebratory spirit!  Really it was the best yet.  Almost every seat was filled with smiling people and Team supporters all around.  And of course there was much applause for every member of the hardworking U.S. Team who has devoted their time and effort.  Plus a standing ovation for Dennis Linnekin (El Capitano!)  
The day is off to a great start already.  Since grid begins at 12:10 today, I am now headed out for some more dust and wind!  More updates to come soon on the home stretch here at WGC Uvalde. 
A standing ovation for the final U.S. Team meeting!

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