Good morning on August 2!

Practise day 6 is about to start soon with the daily briefing. Back in "my "Ritz-corner in the big white tent, where some guests already are having breakfast and a talk.

Heard yesterday was not the easiest day with at some spots quite some heavy sink, but it looks like the Dutch in 15 m. class had no problems with that. I know them....they are really good, Steven has been European Champion already and won many Nationals and scored high in WGC's!! You might not know,  but his wife Marion , a lovely lady, is more then 20 years his crew and has seen on her holidays a huge amount of different soaring fields, so they are "an oiled"couple"!She keeps fit by running and look at her when she runs the wing.
Steven won the day yesterday with a speed of 130.8 km/ h over 434.7 km. Same as Mark who lives in my town in Holland, together they are STRONG.
USA pilot John Seaborn was 3d. Only 18 pilots flying yesterday so we should hold the focus and see it in perspective!

In 18 m. class "my mate" Wolfgang Janowitsch was the best with 460 km. with a speed of 141.5 km.and back on the dot; 4.15! In this class 19 pilots practised.

Brasil pilot Otto Egon Rehn won another day in open class and seems to be more then ready;445.6 km. in 3.09 and 137.1 km. on the speed clock. 16 Pilots flew yesterday in this class and by the way Pierre de Broquevilles glider is NOT an Edelweiss but an EB28 and he flies with his cousin Arnaud who is the Belgium TC as well, while Patrick Stouffs flies with Arnaud's brother.

Off to briefing now.

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