Team Canada: Dave’s Day 3, 7 August

The task today was a 612.5 km racing task. We went south about 45 km and then headed well north into the hill country, in fact, as far north as I have ever been in Uvalde! Our most northerly turnpoint was about 205 km north of Uvalde, and even further north than Austin.

Over the hills, we were able to climb to 9000, giving about 7000 AGL. Overall average climb rate for the day was 4.9 kts and the best climb was 6.4 kts

On the trace, the city circled in Red is Austin and the Blue circle shows San Antonio. Once again we had fairly light winds and limited streeting. I had a bad first 10-15 minutes out of the gate and found myself down to 3500 a couple of times and then everyone who had started 10 minutes later passed me. I ran along low, taking weaker than optimal climbs until I could find a good one and get back up to 6500. Once I had re-established in a good working band, I had a great run and was able to pass some of the group that had previously passed me and finish about 5 minutes before them. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. For tomorrow - I'll plan not to get low!