Day 3 Report

Wednesday, June 27 -- “SOLO” in Chilhowee!

Busy day here in Benton, Tennessee where hopes and goals soared beyond expectation and three women changed their lives forever by releasing connection to tow while in solo flight.  As any pilot will tell you, that moment of intention to separate from the power source is dynamic and liberating for obvious reasons.  Full throttle emotion from angst, excitement, thrill, terror, trepidation, to the culmination of pure joy while lofting through the sky and then finally solid on terra firma!  Kudos to Anne Wright, Maggie Hettinger, and Kristen Ferry for moving to “SOLO” status here at Chilhowee Glider Port.

Planes are plenty for the having and include: Chilhowee’s  Schweizer 2-32, 2-33, 1-26, Ka7, ASW15 as well as neighboring clubs providing a L-23 (Knoxville,TN) and an ASK 21 (Eaglesville, TN).  Today there was a total of 51 flights launched by 2 tow ships.  Sarah Kelly Arnold, the seminar’s hostess spent most of the day, a total of 14 flights, in the back seat of the L-23. Other instructors at the ready include; Chuck Schroll from Arizona, Mark and Neita Montague from Nevada and Linwood Stevenson.

A big “Thank You” to our tireless tow pilots Linda Laberge and Gerry Whitson as well as Chilhowee’s two line boys, Luke and Joseph.

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    Awesome! Congratulations!

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