JoeyGlide: Day 1…or not

Since we missed the practice day due to rain, today was a practice day for all of the pilots to attend the pilots meeting, preparing the glider, loading the task into possibly unfamiliar computers. Which was my case and I realized it had been a long time since I used the software that was preloaded and will be running with a more familiar program tomorrow.

The rain hit at about 1:20 as promised. We had looked at a short 1.5 hr turn area task as task A and the fallback task B 1hr. However the line of thunderstorms were traveling here faster than predicted and a short task was impossible. Also the minor fact that the still sky was not going to support the fleet in staying aloft. A few pilots did manage flights of nearly 30min, but the tow altitudes are not known.

I can say that club class is much easier on the ground, possibly even more enjoyable, no water, easy to push around, you can put the taildolly on without throwing out your back, short wingspans make it easier to tow around....let's see what I think tomorrow when I have to glide.

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  1. Tom n Kerrie
    December 12, 2011 at 5:12 am

    Just remember … in club class you can’t necessarily glide to whatever you can see!

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