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[Editors' Note: Bill and I are absolutely delighted to have Ritz join the Soaring Cafe as a regular blogger. Ritz has been around the world soaring scene for a long time and is tuned into what's happening now and who's doing what like few people in our sport. We welcome Ritz to the Soaring Cafe and look forward to a long, enjoyable, and mutually beneficial relationship. -- Rand "NN"]


It's great to cooperate now with Bill and Rand. We did a bit already in the past but now it will be twice a week.

Let me introduce myself first for those who do not know me. My name is Ritz [from the Netherlands] and every Wednesday and Sunday I write a blog about soaring. It is NOT literature, but an easy reading blog to share news and soaring sentiment with all who are interested.

During the last couple of years I had the honour of keeping you updated on the homesites of several countries where the WGC, JWGC and EGC were flown.
Before that, I kept as one of the first ever, an every day blog, at the Sportavia Soaring Center in Tocumwal [Australia]. As co-owner of the famous flying resort where Ingo Renner was one of our instructors, I wrote EVERY day, for nearly 10 years!

Unfortunately it does not exist anymore, but a lot of stories from that time come back in my blogs.

From now on there will be a link from SoaringCafe to www.soaring.eu to read more.
Enjoy! Ritz

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Since before the word “blog” was created, Ritz wrote about her experiences every day after flying at the Sportavia Soaring Center in Australia, where she helped run a successful business from 1996 to 2005. Her first blogs on soaring.eu date from June 2006, and she has been blogging ever since, joining Soaring Café in January 2011. She says her experience as columnist for Gliding International and blogger for Soaring Café has enriched her world more than she can say and that her soaring friends keep her young and ”going”.

Read Ritz' full bio under the menu item About -> Our Contributors.

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  1. Anne Hoekstra
    September 18, 2011 at 11:29 am

    Great!!! Rietje posting now on my favourite soaring site :D

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