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September at the Yorkshire Gliding Club

September is usually the last month of the year in which thermal cross countries can be confidently predicted.  However, September 2012 was more notable for wave based cross countries, although there were some  thermal based ones sometimes assisted by Sea Breeze fronts, as on the 2nd of the month, allowing Derek Taylor in his ASW…

Yorkshire Gliding Club on Facebook

Editors’ Note: Thanks to Pitt Numa and Darren of the The Yorkshire Gliding Club for informing us that the Yorkshire Gliding Club now has a Facebook page. Please visit the YGC on Facebook—and in person when you’re in their area. www.facebook.com/yorkshireglidingclub “Our site is situated on top of an escarpment at the edge of the…

July at the Yorkshire Gliding Club

July was a busy month for holiday courses with three being run. These courses have resulted in many people being introduced to gliding as a sport and contributed to club membership numbers, and this year was no exception.

June at the Yorkshire Gliding Club

As an introduction, the Yorkshire Gliding Club (YGC) was formed in 1936 at Sutton Bank in North Yorkshire, from the amalgamation of a number of smaller local clubs. The hill top site, with a claim to have the best view in all of the UK, has authenticated records of gliding activity from 1906 and today boasts a well-established gliding club that operates all year round except on Christmas Day.