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Having Fun in the DuckHawk 15m Sailplane

In early September, I had a fantastic day of flying at Blairstown Airport, the culmination of which was having the opportunity to fly Windward Performance’s new DuckHawk. I had just flown the club Grob Twin Astir with my brother, promptly falling out and not exactly having one of my best landings in it.

The Duckhawk: In-Flight Photos

Windward Performance owner and Chief Designer Greg Cole kindly shared a few in-flight photos of their new 15 meter racing glider, the DuckHawk. The DuckHawk will come in three models: the DuckHawk Veloce, the Super Veloce, and the VNX. The Veloce will be the lightest and most agile model while the Super Veloce and the…

Perlan 2 Sailplane Construction Photos

Thanks to Windward Performance for providing these photos of the Perlan 2 sailplane under construction at their factory in Bend, Oregon. For more information about the Perlan Project, visit their website and watch our video interview with Perlan 2 Chief Designer and Windward Performance founder Greg Cole.