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Al Whitesell is the iGlide Give-Away Winner for Week 2

Great to hear from you. I’ve followed and enjoyed the Soaring Café for some time now and the iGlide Give-Away was a great reason to sign up for the regular digest… And I won this week’s drawing – what a wonderful surprise, thank you all. I live out west in Colorado and fly when and…

Decaffeinated Camera Mounting Systems

In between waiting for good weather and tows, I thought I’d try to invent something. (Not a decapitated rubber duck.) The GoPro HERO series cameras are much beloved by pilots everywhere. After purchase, most new owners work out ways of tacking the things to the outsides of their planes so they can shoot their own version […]

Naviter Announces the Sunlight Readable Oudie

We are very excited about what we are announcing today. Starting in mid-April, an upgrade for your Oudie will become available which will make your Oudie much more sunlight readable than before. Did I say an upgrade for your existing Oudie? Yes!
Starting in April all new Oudies will be equipped with a new screen which will deliver true sunlight readability, with the screen in the 900 nits territory. And even more importantly, we went to considerable trouble to prepare our tools in such way that all existing Oudies will be upgradeable to the new screen as well.

Quintus M – New open class glider

Schempp-Hirth started its newest glider’s Quintus M serial production. Quintus is a 23 m. span single-seater open class sailplane which was first presented during the yearly expo at AERO in Friedrichshafen. It is a new product from Schempp-Hirth with cooperation with Lange Aviation.
Manufacturer expects that newly designed fuselage and airfoils will bring both comfort and […]