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225 Years of Experience – Educating Kids in Soaring

Pictures by Thomas Boettcher The northern European summer of 2014 is now almost over, maybe one or two more nice weekends in September, maybe another thermal flight across the northern German countryside?Then we will have to travel far for soaring adventures on ridges, in waves or in southern thermals. While the sun is setting much…

Limited Colors

When you take your first driving lesson, the speedometer is simple to read. There’s just numbers. Simple. No colors to worry about. The tachometer is a little more difficult, but not much. You just need to figure out why the end of it is colored in red. Red is bad. Okay, so maybe it’s not more difficult.

The airspeed indicator in a glider is much more colorful. There’s green, red, yellow and white. The first time I saw it I thought it was a Christmas decoration! I found out later those colors all meant something, something very important. It’s time to get colorful, with limited colors!


Adrienn tells us that in June, 2012, her father received a nice present: a short flight with a Cessna 152 at an airport above Miskolc.  She had enough time to go with him to the airport since it was summer and she found the airport world very compelling: a group of young people, a lot…