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2014 SSA Convention in Reno

From the May 15, 2013 edition of SSA eNews… “Mark your calendars! Because the 2012 Convention was such a success, the SSA Convention will be held once again in Reno, Nevada February 25-March 1, 2014. There will be a [Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic] FIRC sponsored by the Soaring Safety Foundation on February 25-26 and a…

WGC Items at SSA Booth

The SSA has very few remaining posters from the 1991 WGC. If you want one of these rare posters and are here at Uvalde, rush over to the SSA booth in the big white tent and grab one before they’re gone forever.
WGC 2012 programs and one-of-a-kind Texas boot-shaped WGC drinking glasses are also for sale at the booth, as are three remaining WGC polo shirts. SSA’s Rhonda Copeland and husband Bud have been manning the booth all day, every day. If you’re on site and want one of these items, you’d better get them now!

SSA’s New “Let’s Go Gliding” Video

Thanks to Bruno Vassel and Andy McKittrick for creating an exciting video to promote the SSA’s “Let’s Go Gliding” campaign. The Vimeo version of their 2-1/2 minute video can be downloaded in several formats, including versions suitable for mobile devices. I (Rand) downloaded versions for my iPhone and iPad so when someone asks me about…