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Landing the World’s Fastest Glider

In AllThingsAero.com, former pilot astronaut (and former Huntsville Soaring Club member) Jim Halsell describes what it’s like to land the Space Shuttle. For several years, Jim was a member of our local soaring club in Huntsville, Alabama. Unfortunately, he was so busy attending to his professional responsibilities that he had little time to fly gliders (other than the Space Shuttle!), but we were happy to have Jim as a member.

[HD Video] The Sound of a Shuttle Booster Falling from Space

Thanks to Gordon Boettger for alerting us to this fascinating video. Taken by a camera attached to one of the Space Shuttle’s solid rocket boosters, it not only shows the entire ascent and descent phases from the booster’s point of view, but it includes the actual sounds recorded as the booster falls back into the…