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Mifflin Airport Review

I apologize for the lateness of this post – I was tied up with repairing my wing wheel, and replacing leaky air tubing on my glider :-(.  Anyway, here is my (personal, biased, and more than likely insane) take of the airports/airstrips in the Mifflin contest area.  As always, if an airport/airstrip isn’t mentioned, that means…

Exciting Soaring News from Some Comps

… and awesome weather in parts of Europe! This blog is a bit long, but there is SO much news. ENJOY it! Great weather, but also disappointing weather, comps and Nationals,… With a HIGH over the North sea the predictions for this weekend were more than hopeful. Yesterday it proved to be true, now in…

Thermals, Ridge, and Wave

Author’s Note: This is a reprint from my club newsletter about a weekend trip to Talihina, OK in February 2013. For more information on ridge and wave soaring in Oklahoma, check out http://talihinasoaring.com/Talihina_Soaring/Welcome.html. The toll booth operators in Oklahoma are getting smart. They wanted to know if I was headed to a glider convention. Jeff…

XCSoar for Android

Recent Android mobile phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and Google’s Nexus 4 have built-in barometric pressure sensors, GPS, and compass capabilities. In other words, you have […]

Kai Gertsen Book Wins Harris Hill Soaring Corporation’s Joe Lincoln Award

BTLinkPublishing is pleased to announce that Kai Gertsen’s book “Desperate to Fly” was awarded the 2012 Joseph Lincoln Award for “outstanding contribution to the sport of soaring through the use of the written word.” “Desperate to Fly” is part memoir, part instructional handbook with Kai’s manuals on Cross-Country Soaring, Off-Airport Landings and his clear and important manual on Spinning included as appendices.