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Day 7 @ Sisteron: “Pushing Hard Was Not Good Today”

What a great day again! Sometimes a bit scary, then exciting, then just unbelievable … how do they do it? Ingredients today: fast pilots losing in the end because they did not take good lift in between, police to help Bruce get away from the farmers land he landed in, pilots “written off” but returning to the lead! Here is the day for you if you had no time to follow it live. Enjoy!

Day 7 @ Sisteron: But First—Amazing Day 6 with Stars Bruce and Nicolas “Shining”.

What an amazing and exciting flight it was yesterday between Bruce and Nicolas. A farmer from the East Coast of Australia (NSW), used to flying over flat country, and an instructor from St Auban in France, used to the mountains and blessed with the skills to fly them. Loved it. They truly deserved the 10 and 8 points and showed how spectacular our sport can be.