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Winter 2013 Issue of Vintage Soaring Association “Bungee Cord”

We are delighted to inform Café readers that the Winter, 2013 issue of Bungee Cord, a quarterly publication of the Vintage Sailplane Association (VSA), has been published. We invite attendees at the upcoming SSA Convention in Reno, who are interested in vintage or classic sailplanes, to stop at the VSA booth in the exhibit hall and meet us.

U.S. Vintage Glider Nationals

The Third U.S. Vintage Nationals officially began in Lawrenceville, Illinois on Monday, June 13th and continues through Sunday, June 19th.
The first weekend at Lawrenceville (prior to the meet) included two absolutely beautiful summer days; several pilots arrived with their gliders and experienced moderate soaring conditions above this inviting agrarian part of southern Illinois.