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No Big Deal?

This report was submitted by Bill Hanson, who flies his Pégase 101 out of Randall Airport, NY. It belongs to those stories that make you think “Oh boy”. Thanks to Bill for sharing his experience and contributing to our mission for more safety in gliding! “Here is what happened to me last weekend: I use…

Share Your Experience

Share Your Experience

Although we enjoy soaring far above the ground, we always have to remember that the earth may come closer much faster than we expect. It is an essential part of good airmanship not only to focus on the nice elements of our sport, but to consider the downsides as well in order to be prepared for the unexpected.

VSA Bungee Cord – April 2013 Edition

Thanks to Simine Short, Editor of the Vintage Soaring Association’s Bungee Cord, for sending us excerpts from the Spring, 2013 issue, including Rusty Lowry’s risk assessment checklist and article on operational risk assessment, and a photo of the nose of a Falke sailplane (1930s vintage) that Joe Steinhauser had built in 1932. Click on the…

Aero Tow Launching Checklist

Nearly half of all glider fatalities occur during the first few seconds of flight. Many of these can be avoided by an observant, well trained wing runner.Please copy and share the following checklist with your fellow pilots and flight-line crew members. More safety info at www.eglider.org.

Learn to Fly with Condor!

Not too long ago I discovered the world of flying with Condor. As a technologist, I immediately wondered whether Condor would be a good training tool for RL flight instruction. […]

Do You Use Your Seat Belts Correctly?

The featured article in the August issue of DG Flugzeugbau’s eNewsletter is all about seat belts and their proper usage. A somewhat contentious issue is whether a 4- or 5- point harness offers better protection in a crash. While DG offers both 4-point and 5-point harnesses to their customers, Martin Sperber of the Technical Control…