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[Video] Seaside Soaring

“Finally a day with a good southerly wind and a dry airmass instead of the usual grot associated with this wind direction. 5 DSGC gliders braved the rough aero-tows down to the Sidmouth cliffs, where fun was had on an epic scale. The walkers on the cliff tops seemed to enjoy the show and hopefully a few might risk a trip to our club to try gliding themselves. There was even wave off the cliffs which allowed all of us to climb high enough to easily glide back home. A fantastic days flying!”

Sequatchie Ridge Camp—March 19-25, 2012

The third annual Sequatchie Ridge Camp is in session. The camp is based at Marion County Airport (APT) near Jasper, Tennessee and is sponsored by Chilhowee Gliderport and hosted by Chilhowee owner Sarah Kelly Arnold and her husband Jason Arnold. Monday, March 19th, brought strong thermals and high cloudbases to the Sequatchie Valley. There were…

SSA 2012 — Mountain and Ridge Soaring in Northern Utah

Northern Utah provides a unique opportunity in the USA to truly fly “in” the mountains. Logan has often been compared to Rieti, Italy, Saint-Auban, France and Omarama, New Zealand for the true mountain and ridge flying experiences. The skills and techniques required as well as the potential for long cross-country flights will be explored.

2010 Mifflin County Soaring Encampment

The fourth annual Mifflin County Ridge/ Wave Encampment was a huge success with lots of flying and plenty of social events. Adirondack Soaring Club had organized this yearly event for September 29th through October 4th, 2010. Over 30 sailplanes from the following clubs attended: Adirondack Soaring in Saratoga Springs, NY, Nutmeg Soaring in Freehold, NY,…

Soaring…the French way!

After such a cold winter, I’d like to share with you the warm memories I have from last year’s soaring season. For me, it took place in the South of France, alternating between Saint-Remy-de-Provence and Saint-Auban. The collection gathers a few shots taken during a training week in April 2010 in Saint-Remy, other taken during…