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Jean-Marie Clément introduces TopFly-Patagonia to French TV

For more than a decade the French glider pilot Jean-Marie Clément has regularly taken advantage of the Southern summer and traveled to the Andes to explore the world famous wave systems and to take advantage of great soaring. Meanwhile he has launched several TopFly expeditions and on his website he has published several reports as…

The Perlan DG 1001M achieves new US-Speed Record

Jim Payne and Dennis Tito accomplish another Wave-Mission Last night Jackie Payne sent out a short note via e-mail from California around the world: “If all paperwork goes ok, looks like 135 kph for a 521 km triangle. That should beat two US national multi-place triangle speed records.” This morning my SeeYou states “all reached…

SSA 2012—The Perlan Project: An Interview with Greg Cole

The Perlan Project has one bold and ambitious mission: to soar higher than any fixed wing manned aircraft has flown—all the way to 90,000 feet. The flight will use atmospheric waves extending up through and beyond the stratosphere. Such waves are produced when a high altitude jet stream that circles the polar regions (the Polar Vortex) interacts with mountain ridge systems.