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SeeYou Recorder

We have all been eagerly awaiting this. Naviter’s first Android app with a similar iOS app to follow immediately after Apple approves it for the AppStore. It’s an IGC flight file recorder and its name is SeeYou Recorder. It’s free. And it’s actually an IGC flight recorder on steroids.

Naviter Announces the Sunlight Readable Oudie

We are very excited about what we are announcing today. Starting in mid-April, an upgrade for your Oudie will become available which will make your Oudie much more sunlight readable than before. Did I say an upgrade for your existing Oudie? Yes!
Starting in April all new Oudies will be equipped with a new screen which will deliver true sunlight readability, with the screen in the 900 nits territory. And even more importantly, we went to considerable trouble to prepare our tools in such way that all existing Oudies will be upgradeable to the new screen as well.