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Minden Nevada Airport/Airstrip Review, Part II

Having failed miserably in my original attempt to solicit local knowledge input via direct appeal to the Minden crowd and the contest organizers, I have included the entire contents of my September 2013 Minden Nevada Airport review below, updated as appropriate with the most recent Google Earth images.  Note that although I reviewed every airport/airstrip…

Payne and Boettger on Wave Flights Today!

Jim Payne and Gordon Boettger both embarked on wave flights out of Minden, NV today, March 6, 2014. Jackie Payne has been blogging updates on Jim’s flight and Walt Rogers has been reporting Gordo’s progress on his blog. Both pilots are doing zig-zag flights between Minden, Susanville, and Mojave.

2014 Minden Wave Camp – April 5-9

SoaringNV will host a wave camp April 5-9, 2014. The goal of this camp is to train glider pilots to safely and successfully fly in wave conditions. For the experienced wave pilot, the camp is a chance to meet like-minded pilots, mentor glider pilots new to wave flying, and get some time in Minden Wave.…

Minden Soaring Club Youth Scholarship Recipients to be Honored

The Minden Soaring Club honored eight young pilots from Northwestern Nevada to receive $1000 flight scholarships to continue their flight training in gliders. The scholarships were publicly awarded on Saturday April 6, 2013 at the airport in Minden, NV as part of the Minden Soaring Club banquet and annual membership meeting. The scholarship recipients are…

2012 U.S. Open Class Nationals Update – Day 1

The winner for the day was the Arcus flown by Rick Walters & Pete Alexander. The task was to fly from Minden to Hilton Ranch to Benton and then a free turnpoint. They flew 283 miles at an average speed of 81 MPH. Rick reported that they were slow to make it to Hilton Ranch, as the conditions were weak, but after that it was good. Blue thermals all day, and they were never below 13,000 feet MSL. They continued to Boundary peak. He said the best soaring was from Mount Grant to Lucky Boy Pass.