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Interview with Frank Paynter (TA) [Video]

If you’re a regular visitor to the Café, participate in Condor virtual contests, read Soaring magazine, or fly in U.S. competitions, you surely recognize the subject of this interview. Frank owns a Ventus 2bx and is one of the most active competition pilots in the U.S. Frank is also an accomplished user of the Condor…

Interview with Schempp-Hirth’s Tilo Holighaus

Your Café staff is grateful to Tilo Holighaus, owner of Schempp-Hirth Sailplanes, for granting us this interview. Schempp-Hirth’s Quintus M, a new 23-meter open class design, has been doing extremely well at the 2012 World Gliding Championships in Uvalde, Texas. At the time of the interview, Quintus pilot Laurent Aboulin of France was leading the open class in cumulative standings, and Tassilo Bode of Germany was third.