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[HD Video] Gliders Racing 1000 ft Above Desert

It is hard to imagine that gliders could comfortably cruise less than 1,000 feet above the desert floor at ground speeds often over 140 miles per hour for over 20 miles with nowhere to land in sight! Note the completely unlandable terrain both above and below the ridge making for spectacular scenery but scary flying. This was a very fun day of flying! Thanks for watching, Bruno (B4).

[HD Video] Three Gliders Racing in the Wyoming Mountains

Gliders Racing the Wyoming Salt River Mountains

Sit back and enjoy 42 uncut minutes of fast low mountain racing in Wyoming’s Salt River Range taken during the 2011 Logan 15-Meter Nationals. This is not the regular YouTube soaring video with lots of short video cuts edited to music, but shows advanced mountain racing averaging well over 120 mph continuous ground speeds. Just tell your boss that you need to take a 42 minute break today…hope you enjoy!

HD Video from B4 – “Gliding is so Freakin’ Fun”

Hi everyone – I’m Bruno Vassel IV (B4) flying out of Utah, (western USA) and have really enjoyed making soaring videos since 2007.  Inspired by Juan Mandelbaum’s amazing film A Fine Week of Soaring,  I started taking a video camera with me while flying first a 1967 Phoebus, then ASW-20B and now an ASW-27B as…