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The LX Zeus: A Pilot Report from Roman Mraček

I used the new LX Zeus during the European Gliding Competition (EGC) in Ostrow when it was installed in my Standard Cirrus. Once it was installed, I was very pleased, with the impression it created with its airliner type layout and particularly the labeled push buttons that made the system very user friendly for me.

Al Whitesell is the iGlide Give-Away Winner for Week 2

Great to hear from you. I’ve followed and enjoyed the Soaring Café for some time now and the iGlide Give-Away was a great reason to sign up for the regular digest… And I won this week’s drawing – what a wonderful surprise, thank you all. I live out west in Colorado and fly when and…

ILEC SN10 version 2.37 Released

First, Nadler & Associates and ILEC wish to congratulate the three USA team pilots flying with ILEC SN10B in the 2012 World Gliding Championships at Uvalde, Texas, for their fine performances:

DB Dick Butler, 7th, Open Class, in his Concordia
SS Ron Tabery, 10th, Open Class
WE Bill Elliott, 26th, 18-meter class

Naviter Announces the Sunlight Readable Oudie

We are very excited about what we are announcing today. Starting in mid-April, an upgrade for your Oudie will become available which will make your Oudie much more sunlight readable than before. Did I say an upgrade for your existing Oudie? Yes!
Starting in April all new Oudies will be equipped with a new screen which will deliver true sunlight readability, with the screen in the 900 nits territory. And even more importantly, we went to considerable trouble to prepare our tools in such way that all existing Oudies will be upgradeable to the new screen as well.

Flying TATs with ClearNav

The ClearNav Flight Computer brings a whole new approach to flying the Turn Area Task (TAT). The TAT replaces the standard (US) one mile radius turnpoint with one or more cylinders with a radius no greater than thirty miles. A minimum task time is specified and the pilot is free to turn anywhere he pleases…