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Just out! A new book about Einar Enevoldson

Author Bertha Ryan, covers the life of Einar Enevoldson from his childhood determination to fly to his life as a pilot soaring above the earth in every type of aircraft imaginable. Einar Enevoldson is forever connected to the world record altitude flight he and Steve Fossett made to about 51,000 feet, but that is just one of his amazing flights.

Einar Enevoldson Elected to U. S. Soaring Hall of Fame

Einar Enevoldson, who with the late Steve Fossett in 2006 made a record-breaking 50,671 foot sailplane flight in Argentina, has been elected to the United States Soaring Hall of Fame. He will be inducted at a banquet at the National Soaring Museum on Harris Hill, Elmira, NY on May 7, 2011. Enevoldson was a civilian…