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Ten DG-1001Club Trainers for Brazil

After delivering their famous DG-1001Club to four different countries, DG Flugzeugbau has now signed another contract with a fifth country. In the near future the Brazilian Air Force will be instructing their cadets on DG trainers like for example the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs already does successfully. Here is DG Flugzeugbau’s official…

DG-Flugzeugbau : The Composite Evolution continues

Some days ago DG sent out their latest newsletter – a great way to keep in touch and inform customers and friends. Everybody has probably heard about Jim Payne’s and Dennis Tito’s record breaking flights from Argentina and Minden, NV. The US-Air Force is flying DG 1001 as well, others prefer the single seated DG…

Three Brand New DG-1001Club Fly with the Indonesian Air Force

In early 2012, after DG Flugzeugbau in Bruchsal had delivered the last of 19 DG-1001Club gliders for the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, the German glider manufacturer got busy building more of these fine training ships. In November 2011, the Indonesian Air Force had ordered three two-seaters for their training facilities in Jog-Jakarta.