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Region 5 West at Chilhowee

This Region V West contest was a very demanding one. It required the best of every pilot. My congratulations to those who topped the field, they did an exceptional job of reading the weather and finding the energy lines. Fernando Silva came in first, Frank Paynter second, and Mamad Takallu third. All very experienced contest…

Rafting the Hiwassee

Rafting is a popular activity in the hills of eastern Tennessee, and the Hiwassee is reckoned to be a good river for this. But a raft made by Schempp-Hirth is probably a poor choice.

Chilhowee Vintage Rally – May 27

Today promised to be warmer and we hoped for some better soaring conditions.  Unfortunately the last two remaining visiting Vintage gliders, the Ka-8 and Ka-10, loaded up and left this morning. We were sorry to see them go but hoped that it meant good things for our potential.  Pete VonTresckow and I had earned a…