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Flying the FES-equipped Silent 2 Electro

A while back, I had read that a nearly 700 lb (315 Kg) sailplane equipped with an all-electric FES (Front Electric Self-launching) system had demonstrated serious climb rates (around 400 fpm, or 2 m/s) as well as multiple launches on a single charge; and I remember thinking at the time: “This is the future: All the advantages of self-launching and self-retrieving without any of the drawbacks of retractable pylon-mounted propellers or IC (Internal Combustion) engines.”

Silent 2 Electro Grass Take-Off Video, Alzate, Italy

The new electric Silent 2 launching for the first time from a grass surface on a calm day. Note the fence movement from the propeller blast. Alisport has recently announced the version will be named the “Electro” and that the Silent 2 Targa with its retractable gear and variable incidence stabilizer will be available with this…

Maiden Flight of Silent 2 with Nose-Mounted Propulsion System

Alisport Srl of Italy recently completed the first flight of a Silent 2 fitted with an electric propulsion system installed in collaboration with LZ Design. The system, based on the FES (Front Electric Sustainer), is capable of self-launching the Silent. Video footage posted on the Vimeo website shows the Silent 2 lifting off on its…