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Conditions at the Club

Here are 3 photos to show what it looked like at the club today (March 16th).  A couple of feet of snow are still pretty well everywhere. It was about -14C, with a lot of wind to make it slightly chilly.  Thanks to Martin and Greg for the plo…

Rainy and chilly

Six more annual inspections – OR, 55, RM, GP, JCZ, and TR; the Puchacz needs to be put into the trailer for winter storage.  Thanks to Steve S for getting us ready for storage.A call for volunteers to help with woodcutting resulted in two people w…

2D goes to the Ridge

With Lake Placid done, I took 2D, my SZD-55, to the Ridge in Pennsylvania, to Tom Knauff’s Ridge Soaring Gliderport. Though the forecast was challenging, it was more or less on the way home (actually, an 8 hour detour…).  I arrived on Sunday the…

Sunday October 20th – a good fall day

From Doug LL: GGC Members:It was beautiful sunny day at Pendleton, with myriads of cumuli floating overhead, and this halcyon picture only slightly spoiled by the seasonal Autumnal winds. Nevertheless a few stalwart pilots ventured aloft, with instr…

Tuesday/Wednesday at Lake Placid NY wave camp UPDATED

A good number of club members are enjoying flying in semi-mountainous Lake Placid, NY, with the Montreal Soaring Council, and one from Rideau Valley.  We hear YW is coming, but haven’t seen him yet.

On Tuesday, Oct 8, it was a very nice day, following Monday’s rainstorm. The first up was the MSC Duo, and they released over Whiteface parking lot in 2 kts of wave, which was possible but not likely according to the forecast.  An orderly rush to the launch area ensued, and those who got up in the late morning had the highest altitudes – below 18,000′, but with the wave windows ready to be opened if they were needed.  The rotor was very minor, easy to maintain position behind the tow plane.  Lift was generally smooth 2-3 knots, with the wind about 25 kts at 12,000, so we had to zig-zag to maintain contact with the wave. There are several flights on the OLC.

So, who’s here?  Rick S; Dan Du; Dan Da; Roger; Lucile; Jarek; Martin; Norm.  3 55’s, 1 ASW24, 1 SZD-50 and a Discus 2 from Gatineau, with a DG200/17 to come.  The weather tomorrow, Thursday, is great for flying; winds will be lighter than today (multiple multi-hour flights).  M7 and the Puchacz spend a lot of time sitting on the ground, instead of flying in perfect conditions… odd.

I enjoyed my check flight yesterday – 2 hours 22 mins with Martin, and had a thermal flight of 1 1/2 hours today (had a snag with loose valve stem innards that took a while to nail down and fix…); isn’t it always the way.  Thanks to Norm, Jarek, and George from RVSS for the help and advice for the fix.  Otherwise, I could have flown 4 or 5 hours.

Thursday and Friday are currently looking good.  Why not come down on the weekend and see all that Lake Placid (the town) and Lake Placid (the airport) have to offer?

Roger ready to launch on Tuesday (crew Lucile) in AT

Dan’s knees and feet enjoying coasting along in wave at 12,000′; got to 13,000′ in the Puchacz with Martin L.
Over Whiteface at 13,000′ in JCZ looking right (north) to Ester Mountain; the town of Wilmington to the right. Leaves are near peak colour.

MSC Duo Discus in the wave passing about 500 meters in front and a little higher on his way to Heart Lake to see if the wave was working there (it was)
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Martin landing DYI on the grass!

Jarek in 55 off in the distance; the SZD-55 is amazing in light wave, he climbed right past us in the Puchacz…
Looking south from Whiteface. Lake Placid on right; town near centre of pic; airport just left of centre. Note rotor cloud line to the left of the airport. One eagle-eyed viewer noted a glider in the lower right (bigger if you double click on the picture).

September ends nicely

From Martin L:We had two beautiful days of flying at the club. Although we had a slow start on Saturday only getting flying around 11:15 Am, most people enjoyed the day and a good group stayed for supper at the club house. I am happy to announce that w…