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Living, Learning, Dreaming – The Best is Yet to Be

This is the story of my experiences at the 32nd World Gliding Championships at Rolf Hosslinger Aerodrome in Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, Argentina. It was possible because of tremendous support from my gliding family. I would like to thank all who contributed time and money to this cause, and especially recognize my husband Jason for the sacrifices he made as my crew.

Epilog fra VM

VM i Argentina er nu et overstået kapitel og vi kan se tilbage på nogle svære dage med tørt og forholdsvis svag termik. Kampen om topplaceringer har været hårdt og der er rigtig mange gode piloter med til en sådan konkurrence, faktisk de bedste i verden Når man ser på hvordan verdens toppiloter kæmpede med […]

Endelig en god dag!

Vi fik en god dag at slutte af med, herligt! … og så har vi også overlevet afslutningsfesten Opfølgning følger, når vi engang har fundet vores hotel i Buenos Aires. /Morten

Good report – Dieciocho

WGC2013 report – 19 January – Final
WGC2013 ended around 6:30 this evening on a distinctly high note: today’s tasks had 100% completions and the best overall speeds of the contest.

The big news today was that local favorite Santiago Berca (SI – Argentina, and a great friend to the US Team here) was with a superb flight able to overcome a 125-point deficit to win the Club class, giving the host country two of the three titles awarded here.  His teammate Sebastian Riera (IG) had little trouble holding his lead in World class. In Standard class, no one should have been surprised that wily veteran Sebastian Kawa was able to hold his lead and add another world championship to his trophy case.

Phil and Peter in Standard class had their best speeds and daily placings (9th and 10th) of the contest.  Their comments were along the lines of “This is the weather we all came for.”  Sean Franke did not have quite the day he hoped for in Club class, but his final placing of sixth overall is highly commendable.

Everyone is happy that after a run of very tough weather the contest was able to finish with two good soaring days.  A band is now warming up and we are soon off to the closing ceremonies, followed by a farewell party that starts at 10:30 and will likely last until around dawn (though I do not plan to be there especially late).  We expect that our Argentine hosts, who have been hospitable throughout, will be especially so tonight as they celebrate a successful contest and a couple of popular champions.

Stop sending us money, please

We tried something new at this competition: direct fundraising for the Team. We had a lot of fun doing it, and we are grateful to the donors who played along.Because it’s over now, and because we don’t plan to incur any more direct expenses as a Team, …

Mens vi venter –

Der er siesta i Camp Denmark, – men dog med lyttevagt ved radioen. Det vi hører tyder på store vanskeligheder, så det er der ikke noget nyt i. Der er lidt flere Cu idag, men det kan være vanskeligt at komme op. Men trods alt en spændende dag, der godt kan vende lidt rundt i […]

Good report – Diecisiete

WGC2013 report – 19 JanuaryIn yesterday’s battle between good and evil weather influences, the good won: we wound up with a mostly blue day with thermals that were neither high nor particularly strong, but were consistent enough to produce a good rate …

We’ve been adopted

Our secret weapon at this competition has been Graciela Gentile, a Chaves resident who met the Sneads in 2008 and has been a friend of US glider pilots ever since. She met the McKnights at the Junin Regionals in 2009, and this year she adopted the enti…