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Soaring cafe

I believe we are now world famous on the Soaring Cafe. Hello everyone abroad! I would love to say the weather is incredibly hot and sunny sadly having spoken to the met man it’s not looking great tomorrow but Sunday, Monday and Tuesday looking reasonable

Awning+wind=good fun to watch

I’m not sure who is braving the conditions out there but there is a very flappy awning being erected. Providing entertainment for us in the bar.Kevin Houlahan and Graham Smith just registered.

The bar is filling up

I have just seen Bob Thirkell, Jerry Langrick, and Rich Hood turn up. We have already got through 1 barrel of Youngs in the bar. The Football is going to be on in the bar later. If anyone is looking forward to the food this evening we have Cajun Chicke…

So far

Derren, Howard Jones, Chris Curtis, Mike Young, Gary Stinge all here and signed in

UK 18m Nat: The doubters???

Those deciding whether to fly the 18s on the forecast are playing a bit of Russian Roulette in my eyes. Today is meant to be raining and horrendous according the forecasts. Picture is in Oxford. I wouldn’t say soarable but it a damn site nicer than pr…

1 day to go–UK 18m Nationals

Here we go then. The day before the comp. It looks a fantastic field of competitors including many present and former British team members, European champions, and a worldChampion (I believe). That coupled with the same team that ran the very successfu…