Forums Coming to the Café

ForumsMany Café readers have suggested that we add a forum capability to the site. They would like to have a venue to discuss interesting topics and interact freely, but with a reasonable sense of decorum that some other forums have not provided.

The Café will introduce our new forum capability in a few weeks. We are putting the finishing touches on the forum framework and developing rules of etiquette. The rules will address the simple desire of most participants for forum exchanges to remain civil and stay on topic. It is our goal to keep the rules relatively simple and easy to understand.

We plan to have a self-moderating forum. First, there will be a rating system that will allow participants to rate each other with a ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs down’. These ratings should help establish a visible collective consensus about what participants in that forum like and don’t like.

Next, there will be a link attached to each post that will allow members to flag a post as questionable. The Café ataff will be be able to follow up on these flagged items and decide what action needs to be taken, if any. We believe that most moderation issues can be dealt with by an email requesting the post or comment be modified or removed. Truly offensive posts will be removed. Finally, we are considering a “three strikes and you’re out” process for slow learners.

We welcome your comments. If you have suggestions or would like to help compose the rules of etiquette, please contact us and let us know. There will certainly be a comment period after we go live as well.

See you online!
Bill and Rand

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