Forum Help

This page offers tips for effectively using the Forums and provides instructions on what to do if you encounter problems with other posts. It is important to the success of the forums that members regularly register their input and also alert the moderators to problem posts.


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The Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Rating System

Thumbs Rating SystemEvery forum participant can rate any post with a “Thumbs Up” or a “Thumbs Down” to indicate whether they like or dislike the post. This will give readers the general consensus about a post at a quick glance – and then provide an opportunity to weigh in themselves. Every user is encouraged to rate posts – to make it more interesting and enjoyable for other participant.

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Reporting Questionable Content

Forum Report LinkUsers will have the capability to report questionable content on the forums. At the top of the page, there is a “Report” selection that will allow a member to flag the post as questionable and report the post to Café staff. Appropriate follow up will be made with the member in question if the staff decides to take action. We are hopeful that most moderation issues can be dealt with by an email requesting the post or comment be modified or removed. Truly offensive posts will be removed. Finally, we are considering a “three strikes and you’re out” process for slow learners.

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Additional Help

The Café will add more Forum Help topics as they are needed.