SSA 2012 Convention

Tour of the Stemme S-10 Motorglider [Video]

For many years, the Stemme S-10 has been a star attraction in the exhibit hall at the (now biennial) SSA convention. At the 2012 SSA convention in Reno, Nevada, we asked Alexander Papenberg of Stemme USA to give us a tour of the Stemme S-10, arguably the most beautiful and luxurious touring sailplane on the…

SSA 2012 — Mountain and Ridge Soaring in Northern Utah

Northern Utah provides a unique opportunity in the USA to truly fly “in” the mountains. Logan has often been compared to Rieti, Italy, Saint-Auban, France and Omarama, New Zealand for the true mountain and ridge flying experiences. The skills and techniques required as well as the potential for long cross-country flights will be explored.

SSA 2012—SSA Awards Banquet

The February 4, 2012 SSA Awards Banquet was well-attended. According to the SSA staff, 327 convention attendees registered for the banquet. SSA Chairman Al Tyler welcomed the crowd and Master of Ceremonies Bob Wander introduced the head table. Following the meal, Chairman Al presented the SSA Awards, with help from Awards Committee Chairman Jay Campbell, Ralph Kolstad, and OLC’s Reiner Rose.

SSA 2012 Convention Photos by Maria Szemplinska

We are delighted to provide the following images from Maria Szemplinska.  She creates truly beautiful photographs with a unique perspective.  Let us know if you would like a copy and we can put you in touch with her.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.  — Bill and Rand Photos by Maria…

SSA 2012—Long Cross Country Flights in Wave

Few pilots in the world are as experienced as Jim in flying the Sierra mountain wave. In his presentation, Jim describes the hazards of long wave flights, the equipment needed to make these flights safely, and how to adequately prepare for and plan long flights in the Sierra wave. He also recounts several of his many successful flights.

SSA 2012—News from Jonker Sailplanes

Uys Jonker, co-founder of Jonker Sailplanes, makers of the 18
meter JS-1 Revelation, gave a very well-attended talk at the 2012 SSA convention in Reno on how refinements in glide aerodynamic design can add up to significant gains in performance over the current generation of 18 meter sailplanes.