[Video] Soaring the Mountains of Norway

I would like to share with you a spectacular HD soaring video from the Norwegian mountains last week. The video was made at the autumn soaring camp at Bjorli, Norway. Even though the great wave conditions we were hoping for never materialized, it was soarable every day the entire week, with some good thermals most days, and ridge lift and weak wave the other days.

Video Documentary of the 2005 Women’s World Gliding Championships

Thanks to Frauke Elber for informing the Café staff that the hour-long documentary, Babajaga – Hexen im Aufwind! (“Witches in Updrafts”) is now on YouTube. Using the 2005 Women’s World Championships in Klix/ Germany the film shows the uphill struggle the women fought to get their international competitions, which began in 1947 in Poland, recognized as a World Championship.

The ElectraFlyer ULS – An Electric-Powered Motorglider [Video]

Last week, during the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) annual Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in in Lakeland, Florida, AvWeb reported on the ElectraFlyer-ULS, an electric powered motorglider designed by Randall Fishman of The prototype was on display at Sun ‘n Fun and factory-built copies will soon be available for sale. The ElectraFlyer-ULS was featured in a presentation…

Tour of the Stemme S-10 Motorglider [Video]

For many years, the Stemme S-10 has been a star attraction in the exhibit hall at the (now biennial) SSA convention. At the 2012 SSA convention in Reno, Nevada, we asked Alexander Papenberg of Stemme USA to give us a tour of the Stemme S-10, arguably the most beautiful and luxurious touring sailplane on the…

Interview with Frank Paynter (TA) [Video]

If you’re a regular visitor to the Café, participate in Condor virtual contests, read Soaring magazine, or fly in U.S. competitions, you surely recognize the subject of this interview. Frank owns a Ventus 2bx and is one of the most active competition pilots in the U.S. Frank is also an accomplished user of the Condor…