Other News

The Café Forums Are Here!

As promised, we have added Forums to The Soaring Café. We are proud to announce that the Forums are officially open! It is our hope that they will provide a venue to discuss topics of interest and engage in conversation as well as debate, but with a reasonable sense of decorum. We encourage everyone to…

May Photo Contest — Cast Your Votes

It is time to start voting!  The highlights of the Rules regarding voting are: Voting by registered Café members will determine the top 10 photos each month. Registered members can cast one vote per photo each day. You can vote for as many photos as you want each day. The Café editors will review the voting and…

XXXII OSTIV Congress, Leszno, Poland: Call for Papers

The XXXII Congress of the “International Scientific and Technical Organisation for Soaring Flight” — Organisation Scientific et Technique Internationale du Vol a` Voile (OSTIV) — will be held at the site of the 33rd FAI World Gliding Championships in the Open, 18m and 15m Class, at Leszno, Poland from 30 July to 6 August, 2014.