Under the Spell of the Lenticularis

[Editor’s Note: On February 24, 2011, the soaring community and the world of atmospheric sciences lost a pioneer when Joachim Küttner passed away. Joachim was a bold, innovative, and indefatigable explorer of the atmosphere. His interests and contributions to science and manned spaceflight were wide-ranging and legendary. Wolf D. Herold, a sailplane pilot and atmospheric…

Die Schwäbische Alb: im Süden auf Strecke

Die Schwäbische Alb, früher auch Schwäbischer Jura genannt, ist ein in Baden-Württemberg und mit seinen Ostausläufern auch in Bayern gelegenes, sich von Südwest nach Nordost hinziehendes Mittelgebirge in Süddeutschland. Sie ist eine durch Erosionseinflüsse zerteilte Hochebene, die nach Nordwesten durch einen sehr markanten Steilabfall begrenzt wird, hingegen nach Südosten sanft abdacht und dort ins Alpenvorland übergeht.

Celebrating Women History Month at Soaring Expo 2011

Soaring Expo 2011 is also celebrating Women History Month. The program is honored with the presence of two space exploration pioneers on March 5, 2011, Wally Funk, the legendary commercial pilot and flight instructor and Nagin Cox part of Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity program. For more detail, you can go to article here.

A Century of Soaring

Almost a century ago, on October 24, 1911 to be exact, Orville Wright soared for nine minutes and 45 seconds, heralding the first extended soaring flight and a flight that was intentionally planned to be a soaring activity. On the weekend of October 21 – 24, 2011 this flight (a record that lasted almost 10…

Ritz Interviews Bruce Cooper

Enjoy the interview with Bruce Cooper, who flew a new world record in a double seater Nimbus 4 DM, on December 25 2010, from Bariloche in Argentina with French pilot Jean Marie Clement; 1.650 km. triangle. It took them 15 hours and 38 minutes. Bruce is from the UK, is semi-retired as airline pilot, owns an ASW27 and as he says, “we go a long time back”!

EAA Talks About Soaring

I’ve had the “opportunity” to be the pilot of a powered aircraft that suddenly turned into a glider a few times in my life. (Incidentally, none of those engine failures were in my current aircraft, so don’t be shy to come flying with me.) I love flying, but it’s never been anything like the free-as-a-bird, gentle-breeze-in-your-hair feeling I dreamt about as a kid.

Aerial Inventions in Motorless Flight by Dr. Kevin Kochersberger

This year, 2011, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of recreational soaring. In October, 1911, Orville Wright and a friend returned to Kitty Hawk, eight years after he made the historic first controlled flight in an airplane. But this time, Orville brought only a glider. There was little purpose in his visit except to…

WGC 2010, Part 3

Uys continues… Contest Day 5: Crews and pilots woke up on Day 5, still very tired.  Ronald and AP, the JS technical support and crew members, prohibited the pilots from getting up early to help with the rigging.  When Attie and I eventually arrived for briefing, both gliders were rigged, ballasted and ready to be…