Anything related to soaring weather.

Time Lapse Clouds and Sky Over the Canary Islands

Credit & Copyright: Daniel López, IAC; Music: Matti Paalanen, Angel’s Tear (Aeon 2) Explanation: If you could sit back and watch clouds and the sky move all night and day, what might you see? One answer from the island of Tenerife, captured over the course of the year, includes sequences that are not only breathtaking but instructive. Visible in the above…

Long Range WX Forecasting: One Pilot’s Experience

In January 2011 I gave several talks on my approach to forecasting California thermal soaring weather. The goal is to anticipate the great soaring days at least five to ten days in advance to allow time to prepare both you the pilot and others in your life for THE DAY. I review three separate days…

Soaring Like A Peregrine Falcon

This is a very interesting article which relates to soaring in some interesting ways.  Like the Peregrine, soaring pilots need to constantly shift their circles as pulses or bubbles of stronger lift work their way up through the main column.  Pilots often wonder why someone several hundred feet above seem to be climbing away from…

Amazing Super Cell Photograph

These are a set of absolute incredible pictures that Chris Ruf found and posted the the GTA Racing group. The photograph is just one image from the portfolio of electrician Sean Heavey. The supercell cloud was photographed in July west of Glasgow, Montana, USA. Read more: