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Santa Ynez Wave in Winter

[Editor’s Note: We ran across this interesting blog post by Morgan Hall] Sunday [Jan 16th, 2011] I had the opportunity to taste a new variation of that day.  The RASPs were forecasting strong N winds up high and predicting wave in the Santa Ynez area with wave bars off the Sierra Madre as well as down near Pine…

Think Your Club has Blanik L-13 Troubles?

We received this YouTube link the other day.  Wow! Nine L-13’s on tow.  Amazing video.  I would hate to be the club that owns these trying to sort out the AD issue. I did fly behind one of these tow planes in Szeged, Hungary at the 2010 WGC last summer — quite a ride.

What are your favorite soaring clubs and flying sites?

With this post, we introduce a new category at the Soaring Cafe — Clubs and Sites.  We often hear about interesting sites all over the world and wonder just how great they really are.  We would like for you to provide us your thoughts about your favorite site or just write something about your local…

Welcome to SoaringCafe

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Soaring Like A Peregrine Falcon

This is a very interesting article which relates to soaring in some interesting ways.  Like the Peregrine, soaring pilots need to constantly shift their circles as pulses or bubbles of stronger lift work their way up through the main column.  Pilots often wonder why someone several hundred feet above seem to be climbing away from…

New Kellerman ClearNav Vario Prototype

The ClearNav Vario – Big news in gliderland! Richard Kellerman has working prototypes of the long awaited vario, a perfect to companion with the ClearNav.! If you have been waiting for this, it will be ready for Christmas deliveries. If you have not thought about it, in the past, ClearNav only worked best for pilots with the…

Over 300 PowerFLARMs are on order!

Lee Kuhlke, the PowerFLARM distributor for the US has recently confirmed that over 300 units are on order with the various dealers.  You can find out more about the US PowerFLARM at and where to buy at

Check Out the Oudie

Paul Remde, Cumulus Soaring, provides a nice description of the Oudie on his site–check it out here.  I have been using the Oudie and SeeYou Mobile since last year and find it to be fantastic. I recently received a question asking how I used the Oudie and SeeYou Mobile and here is what I said:…

PowerFLARM is Coming

FLARM technology has been providing collision avoidance for gliders in much of the soaring community for a number of years now.  There is a new PowerFLARM system under development for the US market that will be available in Spring of 2011.  Find out more about FLARM technology and the new PowerFLARM system at: