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Trish is a nature and travel photographer whose images have been published in magazines, field guides, calendars, textbooks, editorials, etc!   She is represented by Danita Delimont ( where some of her work can be viewed.   Trish also markets notecards and wall art.   Husband Bill Drury (now flying a SZD-55) introduced her to soaring many years ago on a unique courtship date -- glider flight out of El Mirage in a Schweizer 2-33.   After many very tight thermal climbs in the desert heat Trish said, “I don’t feel too well.”   “Are you SURE?”   Bill replied. “This is 1000 ft/minute lift!”

Concordia Deploying Its Drogue Chute

At the recent Perry contest I was able to try the chute and it worked fine after a few small changes. Trish Drury was nice enough to make a series of very good pictures of the Concordia landing with chute deployment which was very helpful in sorting out the small issues.  The Drogue chute is…