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Aero Tow Launching Checklist

Nearly half of all glider fatalities occur during the first few seconds of flight. Many of these can be avoided by an observant, well trained wing runner.Please copy and share the following checklist with your fellow pilots and flight-line crew members. More safety info at

Glider Safety Webinars and Seminars

Glider Safety Webinar For Your Club Doris and I just returned from a very successful Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinic we conducted (with the help of Jack Goritski) in Frederick, Maryland. We will now head south for The Seniors contest before the spring ridge season begins. We had a large group of CFIs and non-CFIs in…

Tom Knauff Reviews New Book about Wally Scott

Doris and I are among the many glider pilots who got to know Wally Scott during semi-annual treks to soaring contests in Texas and New Mexico. One of the interesting characteristics of glider pilot acquaintances is that it really does not matter what you do in “real life.” You could be a doctor or lawyer, butcher or baker, Indian chief or candlestick maker – none of this matters. It is only about how you fly.