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Since before the word “blog” was created, Ritz wrote about her experiences every day after flying at the Sportavia Soaring Center in Australia, where she helped run a successful business from 1996 to 2005. Her first blogs on date from June 2006, and she has been blogging ever since, joining Soaring Café in January 2011. She says her experience as columnist for Gliding International and blogger for Soaring Café has enriched her world more than she can say and that her soaring friends keep her young and ”going”. Read Ritz' full bio under the menu item About -> Our Contributors.

4 days of soaring…4000 points! by Ritz

Today’s blog has news about —Segelfliegen Magazin International Edition NOW online —Warwick State comps finished yesterday —Fabulous autumn weather with record breaking heat in Europe —and more. Enjoy

NASA is host of the 2011 Green Flight Challenge!

What’s more to be read in today’s blog? —State comps in Warwick in Australia —Dreamliner for some of my Japanese friends —Alps are still good —Segelfliegen;International version on line in a few days! Read about all of these at

“Latest” by Ritz

In the blog from this morning some extra time for Dr. Helmut Reichmann,   specially for the younger readers, as we should not forget him. Helmut was 3x world champion.This picture [courtesy Sus ,– sister from Helmut —and Detlef Schroeder from Germany and thanks to Jo Pocklington from Australia] is made in Finland in 1976 .…

The Latest…by Ritz

—-Digital magazines…MORE !”Segelfliegen” goes digital soon! —-WINNERS from the 26th FAI Aerobatic Championships in Foligno[Italy] —-Virgin Galactic —-Speed-biking —-Stonefield , close to Adelaide in Australia new place for soaring?! and more

“Latest” by Ritz.

Just published the new blog about digital soaring magazines, news from the Dutch Soaring Magazine THERMIEK and what’s to be read/seen on the 63 pages of  the latest issue of GLIDING INTERNATIONAL. “For women only, ” the first meeting in France for women at Niort and the gear- up for the overseas season. Enjoy the blog at …

Ritz Report at

In, I look back today at 9/11, what a terrible day it was, one to NEVER forget. A Yak 42 crashed with a complete ice-hockey-team and their staff. Very sad!!! Mountains were the better places to fly this last season and also now they help in Europe, but not in Aboyne. The Deeside Gliding Club… is Now Linked to the Soaring Cafe

Let me introduce myself first for those who do not know me. My name is Ritz [from the Netherlands] and every Wednesday and Sunday I write a blog about soaring. It is NOT literature, but an easy reading blog to share news and soaring sentiment with all who are interested.