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Since before the word “blog” was created, Ritz wrote about her experiences every day after flying at the Sportavia Soaring Center in Australia, where she helped run a successful business from 1996 to 2005. Her first blogs on date from June 2006, and she has been blogging ever since, joining Soaring Café in January 2011. She says her experience as columnist for Gliding International and blogger for Soaring Café has enriched her world more than she can say and that her soaring friends keep her young and ”going”. Read Ritz' full bio under the menu item About -> Our Contributors.

Day 3@ Sisteron

I admired Bruce yesterday. As you have read in my blog, he flew most of the short, difficult and slow race alone. Here is his story…

Day 2 @ Sisteron: “Making the Impossible, POSSIBLE’!

HELLO, from Alphen where it is wet, gray and windy—more autumn than spring.
Splendid weather to follow the GP-ACTION on my laptop in my warm study, though I must admit that I miss the action at a field, the interaction with the pilots, crews, organizers and locals and just a shout “Hi Ritz!”

Exciting Soaring News from Some Comps

… and awesome weather in parts of Europe! This blog is a bit long, but there is SO much news. ENJOY it! Great weather, but also disappointing weather, comps and Nationals,… With a HIGH over the North sea the predictions for this weekend were more than hopeful. Yesterday it proved to be true, now in…