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Kai Gertsen Book Wins Harris Hill Soaring Corporation’s Joe Lincoln Award

BTLinkPublishing is pleased to announce that Kai Gertsen’s book “Desperate to Fly” was awarded the 2012 Joseph Lincoln Award for “outstanding contribution to the sport of soaring through the use of the written word.” “Desperate to Fly” is part memoir, part instructional handbook with Kai’s manuals on Cross-Country Soaring, Off-Airport Landings and his clear and important manual on Spinning included as appendices.

Kai Gertsen Instruction Manual & Memoirs

When Kai Gertsen passed away last year, he left a treasure of written stories as well as his common sense, humor-riddled, instructional manuals on Spinning, Cross-Country Soaring and Off-Airport Landings. Now, these life and soaring stories and the manuals are combined in a new book titled “Desperate to Fly,” published by BTLink Publishing. Following his wish, all profits from the book will be donated to the U.S. JUNIOR Soaring Team.