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I am a former Naval Aviator, currently flying an ASW27, "BZ" out of Moontown airport near Huntsville, AL.

Caesar Creek XC Camp day 2

99 Soaring Fans, This Is Bravo Zulu With A Report From CCSC XC Camp Day 2 Today we followed the schedule and the weather cooperated, sort of.  For the morning lecture, John Lubon shared his philosophy with us on thermalling techniques and gave examples of what to do above and below the “hard deck” of 2000 feet…

Caesar Creek Cross Country Camp

While this is not quite a race, it is a gathering of soaring pilots interested in improving their flying skills in general and xc skills in particular. Out of this group, will come future contest pilots, xc pilots and better pilots.

April 21 at Perry – The Nugget’s Contest Report for Region 5 North

This is my second contest and both were nothing short of OUTSTANDING. It is easy to see why Perry is such a favorite among so many pilots. One gent, Pete Alexander, came from California. There was a strong contingent of our friends from north of the border, representing Ontario Canada. There were 89 registered for 65 slots. Rhonda and Al Tyler were great hosts and let no effort get in their way to provide a fantastic soaring event.

April 17 at Perry – A Nugget’s View of the Region 5 North

Day 2 brings a new point of learning for this Nugget.  The task was a MAT, a modified area task.   Because the weather guy expressed concern that Perry might suffer damaging winds, hail, and other nasty stuff, the CD shortened the day.  The sports class was given a MAT that had two turn points specified and a minimum…

March 17 at Seminole – A Nugget’s View of the Seniors

Today closes out a very good Seniors.  It was undoubtedly the best flying I have had in gliders.  Florin and Andrea did a fantastic job running the Seniors. John Goode was excellent as the Contest Director.  He put together some great tasks that challenge us.  As for today,  I finally beat Doug Jacobs across the finish gate; of course I was in the front seat of MP, his ride for the contest.